New Roots: A New Resource

New Roots

new roots logoInclusive Church is working in partnership on a web project called "New Roots”.

It will be a place to find resources (books, sermons, podcasts, videos, articles, blogs, reviews, etc) to help you on your faith journey.

Aimed at an inclusive and progressive audience, we are working on this project because we know that some people often feel cut off from mainstream Christianity. In the future we hope to have a feature that will facilitate people to interact with one another and build community where they cannot find suitable community in their neighbourhood.

We will be profiling the website with information at our stand at Greenbelt in August.
At the moment we need 2 things:

1. Go to the New Roots facebook page and like it

That will help us gauge how much interest there might be, and begin to build an audience.

2. Help us build some good resources for the site. If this is something that interests you editorially, or you have some good ideas of resources to add, or you'd like to be involved going forward, then message me and let me know!

Contact Bob Callaghan at