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changing attitude logoChanging Attitude has been a strong partner organisation with Inclusive Church, and has a place on the Trustee board.

The new year brings significant new developments for Changing Attitude, here is a statement issued earlier this year:

Changing Attitude as a charity, was established more than twenty years ago, through the vision of Colin Coward, who worked tirelessly for the inclusion of LGBT+ people into the life and ministry of The Church of England. Colin retired as Director some eighteen months ago, and no successor was appointed.

For the past two years, both the trustees of LGCM and Changing Attitude have been discussing, formally and informally, the respective aims and objectives of our two charities. This process has been undertaken with much thought, care and professional advice, with the question always before us, as to what is the very best use of resources to move our work for change in the Church forward. The trustees of Changing Attitude have decided that our ongoing work will be best served by pooling resources with LGCM to form one new organisation. This will involve Changing Attitude surrendering its charitable status, and merging our assets with those of LGCM. A question, I have often been asked is why are there so many organisations working in this area? In the discussions between our two organisations it was very clear that there was much overlap in our aims and objectives, and that coming together would offer a far better and diligent use of resources, as we strive together in our campaign for full inclusion. Together, we see the benefits of an amalgamation as;

•A more united voice for LGBTI people of faith.

•An elimination of the duplication which currently exits.

•A concentration of resources

•A unified campaigning voice and presence

•Greater credibility in dealing with church leaders

•An expanded capacity allowing for new initiatives

We hope that this news is received with a real sense of excitement and vision for the possibilities which working together as one organisation would bring. At a time when much of church life seems to be dominated by the defending of traditions and territories, the dynamism of two organisations joining together with common goals is inspiring.

We realise that over the years many people have given generously both financially, and with time in campaigning, and local groups, to great effect which has brought us all to the current position of considerations of the place of LGBT+ people in the Church being undertaken in General Synod in February. We are working very closely with LGCM to ensure a smooth transition, and at the moment you need not do anything about your regular payments to Changing Attitude. Your support is both important to us, and greatly valued; as we take your privacy very seriously, we will be in touch individually in the future about your ongoing support.

 This move will create one, more potent organisation, which will have a new name, and will be launched publicly at the Rainbow Awards Ceremony at The Houses of Parliament on February 14th. This is during the meeting of General Synod, as they will be debating sexuality; a great moment for our new voice to be heard.

There remains much to work through in the coming weeks, but the start of this new year sees the start of a new era of campaigning. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so via